ARTYLICIOUS CAKES specialize in custom cakes of all kinds, for ANY occasion. We are not your average bakery, grocery store or discount warehouse club that bakes cakes and sits them out for people to purchase. All of our work is customized to your specific request and made fresh for each order. You won’t find any frozen cakes here!

There are so many different factors that determine the final cost of a cake. The design, intricacy, and the number of people you need to serve are just a few. Please keep in mind the amount of time it takes to design, bake, assemble and decorate your cake. This is a not as easy as people think  and it is extremely time consuming! This is all factored into the price of your cake.

We work with fondant and butter cream. Fondant is more expensive!, but it does show clean and neat look and before we covered the cake with fondant we always use 70% belgian chocolate . We try our best to stay competitive and offer reasonable prices to our customers, but when you want stuff sculpted, or 3-dimensional, or carved…It is certainly will cost more due to material, time and skill to make.

  • Our affordable simple cake for birthday or any occasion will be covered in butter cream with and simple “wording” is $35 (for 6″- 3 layer inside) or $45 (for 8″ – 3 layer inside)
  • Our Signature Cake price start from $4/serving)  and have a minimum order of $100 regardless the size .
  • Our Wedding Cake price start from $4.5/ serving with minimal order of $100 regardless the size. Have a budget wedding? No problem!! Set up a wedding consultation with us & we will try to work on your budget.
  • Our 3D/ Sculpture Cakes price start from $8/serving for including some sugar work and have a minimum order of $150 on 3D/Sculpture Cakes regardless the size.
  • Cupcakes start from $2.50 each – for swirl butter cream
  • For 2D cutout fondant start $4 each
  • For 3D fondant figurines start from $8 each, and have a minimum order 1 dozen per flavor for any cupcakes order.

The most important question to ask yourself when ordering a cake is… How many people do you plan to feed?
Final price will be given at the time you place your order. Call us at 919–239 4236 or email us at to send us a direct message.

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